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Nemesis the Warlock Termight Limited Edition (UK, 2013)

termight edition 2013©Rebellion A/S
Series: Nemesis The Warlock

Publisher: Rebellion A/S

Published: August 2013 (first edition)

ISBN/print: 978 1 78108 172 3

Size/binding: hardcover w/ dust jacket (27 x 19 cm) and red ribbon bookmark

Cover: Kevin O'Neill (from Eagle Comics series #5)

Title: Nemesis the Warlock Termight Edition

Artists: Kevin O'Neill, Jesus Redondo


Original material originates from 2000 AD, bus this book reprints US Eagle Comics miniseries with modified material (re drawn and coloured). References to the original issues of 2000 AD could be find in the Eagle Comics series' files (when they will be created!):
  • Nemesis the Warlock 7 Issue Necro Series #1 (issue #1, September 1984)
  • Nemesis the Warlock 7 Issue Necro Series #2 (issue #2, October 1984)
  • Nemesis the Warlock 7 Issue Necro Series #3 (issue #3, November 1984)
  • Nemesis the Warlock 7 Issue Necro Series #4 (issue #4, December 1984)
  • Nemesis the Warlock 7 Issue Necro Series #5 (issue #5,  January 1985)
  • Nemesis the Warlock 7 Issue Necro Series #6 (issue #6, February 1985)
  • Nemesis the Warlock 7 Issue Necro Series #7 (issue #7, March 1985)

*This is the only strip that was not included in the Rebellion "Complete Nemesis" reprint line.


Below is the cover of the inner book. Termight edition has a limited print run of 200 copies and comes with two exclusives book plates signed by Pat Mills and Kevin O'Neill. The regular edition of this reprint is known as Nemesis the Warlock Deviant Edition.

from cover of 2000 ad #349
from nemesis titan book 2
back of book plates

The book also features:
  • all the Eagle Comics miniseries covers
  • a reprint of "The Tomb of Torquemada" which is exclusive to this edition

Note that this reprint is a little bigger than the Eagle Comics hence perhaps a reproduction that is slightly degraded from the original material (this remark is in no way a mean to denigrate the very good work of Rebellion's people ).

Termight Edition
Eagle Comics #3
Termight Edition
Eagle Comics #5

See also here for additional pictures of this book.


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