bannière greysuit

bannière greysuit

Requiem Chevalier Vampire Tome 3 (Glénat reprint 2016)

vol 3 dracula ©Glénat
Series: Requiem Chevalier Vampire

Publisher: Glénat

Published: May 2016 (first print)

ISBN/print: 978-2-344-01401-1

Size/binding: 32 x 24 cm, hardcover, 56 pages

Cover: Olivier Ledroit

Title: Dracula

Artist: Olivier Ledroit


Lemuria is in turmoil! Lamias have stormed a black opium temple, and it's just a start... Concerned about taming the revolt, count Dracula is leading his armada towards Lemuria, ordering total obliteration of the rebel. Henrich, who is now aware of being Thurim reincarnation, finds himself in first line of battle with Otto on his side. They have to confront Lamias army, with their hordes of werewolves and centaurs...
Rebecca, ahead of the rebellion, has promised her compatriot Dracula's head. In this open war context, the two lovers will meet anew on the battlefield.


This reprint differs from the original edition (2002 Nickel) by its new wraparound cover (see below, sadly the back and front cover are shift vertically hence the black margins), and the fact that it is 1 cm wider allowing a few millimeters of extra art on each side of the pages. There is also an extra section (8 pages) described below.

montage without the spine
virgin full cover from the millsverse digital edition

Extra section content:
  • Les Arcanes du Hellfire Club title page: this is the same illustration used in vol 1
  • Two pages illustration (Requiem and Mother Terror, with the same background as the title page), from the first version of the Kinigame boardgame (cover of the rule book, see below)
  • Le Bestaire de Resurrection contextual pages adapted from Tirage de Tête (TT) of volume 4,  also included in the extra section of Millsverse digital edition vol 4
  • Volume 3 original Nickel editions cover, also included in the 2007 art book
  • Illustration uses for the Ex-libris (art print) of Tirage de Tête (TT) of volume 5 (see below)
  • Requiem fusain illustration from Tirage de Tête (TT) of volume 5 (see below), also included in the extra section of Millsverse digital edition vol 5

Other publishing form:

See the following article:

vol 3 nickel 2002


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