bannière greysuit

bannière greysuit

Greysuit (UK Market)

Greysuit is a creation of Pat Mills. The first strip, drawn by John Higgins, appears in 2000 AD in 2007, prog #1540. Greysuits in this series are the British government's coverts operatives equivalent of the USA's Men in Black. The hero, John Blake, is one of these deadly secret agents, specially conditioned to have heightened strength and senses. If that rings a bell for early 2000 AD readers, indeed, Greysuit is described by Pat Mills as a Mach 1 for the 21st century. In its 2010 introduction to the first Greysuit reprint collection (Project Monarch), the authors recall that his core plot was given by the late John Hicklenton, i.e. the authentic story of criminals who discover appalling and incriminating photos of a government minister in a bank vault they're broken into. [..] The big fears for the robbers was the "Greysuits" coming after them [..]"Greysuit" was the authentic name used by the criminal fraternity for a British secret agent. Also according to that introduction, Greysuit stories are also inspired by an Iranian leader of a resistance movement, Frood Fouladvand, that is presumed now to have been abducted (and/or worse) by his country's own Greysuits.

As always we will proceed story arc by story arc.


The third arc, Prince of Darkness, was first published in 2014, in 2000 AD #1901. On his Facebook page (27 September 2014),  John Higgins gives some insights about the return of the strip after a 6 years gap): 
I first talked to Matt Smith and Pat Patrick Mills about the next book in the Greysuit saga in 2010, Pat was too busy to even think about it then. In 2011 I was talking to DC about Before Watchmen which was also a long time starting, but then smack in the middle of its run, I got Pat's first script in May 2012 which sat in my in tray until the beginning of 2013 when I finally put pencil to paper. As I write this I am working on the very last page of episode 12.
Another aspect of this series after the massive length of time from script to print date – it is the first time I have used a Wacom digital tablet for pencils and ink, what fun. I feel this gives a dark and dirty feel to a world of murderous hit-men and hard ball crunching bastards.

2000 AD #1906

The fourth and final arc, Foul Play, was published from July 2017, starting with 2000 AD #2040.

2000 AD #2041
2000 AD #2047
2000 AD #2049

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