bannière greysuit

bannière greysuit

18/05/2014 A Fistful of Reprints

If you are after Pat Mills works, you should have been busy these past few months (click each pictures to reach the associated file in this blog).

This very month Rebellion has published these two beauties:

Pat Mills talks about the Mek Files reprint collection here (Comic Book News website, interview by Benjamin Williams)

Note that with this 9th volume, all Sláine material is now available in collected form (in soft or hardcover).

Last month, selected stories of the Ro-Busters saga have been collected for the US market:

Also last month in France the 6th volume of La Grande Guerre de Charlie was out:

In April too, the second volume of the Marshal Law deluxe edition Spanish adaptation has hit the shelves (no date scheduled yet for the third and last volume):

And if we go back to March, we found the third and last volume of the Marshal Law deluxe edition adaptation in Italian:

Of course there's more to come (see here)

Speaking of Italian adaptation, I have put my hand on this reprint of Zombie World: Tree of Death, an unofficial Sláine story (and the first Mills' zombie-hunter General the Killcrop) beautifully drawn by the late John Hicklenton (aka J. Deadstock). To my knowledge it's the only paperback that reprints the entire story (originally published in a four issues miniseries) in one book. And what a stunning cover ...

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