bannière greysuit

bannière greysuit

19/10/2012 additions this (third) week

British Market:

Separated pages for ABC Warriors and Ro-busters (in progress)

The Complete Ro-busters file (in progress)
Ro-Busters Book One file (in progress)

2000AD #89 file (finished)
2000AD #90 file (finished)
2000AD #91 file (finished)
2000AD #92 file (finished)

2000AD #1805 file (finished)

La Grande Guerre de Charlie French vol 3

Forthcoming Releases

(go to section for publisher links and illustrations)
Charley's War UK vol 9 Titan Books (November 9 2012)
La Grande Guerre de Charlie French vol 3 ça et là Issued (follow the link above)!
Requiem Chevalier Vampire French Tome 11 Nickel (November 2 2012)
Sláine Le Seigneur du Chaos L'Intégrale French Nickel reprint (November 2 2012)
Shako UK Rebellion (December 6 2012)
2000AD Visible Man (prog 2013, December 12 2012)
Marshal Law deluxe omnibus US DC (April 2013)
Sláine Grail War UK Rebellion (April 2013)

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