bannière greysuit

bannière greysuit

Addition this week

British Market:

Separated pages for ABC Warriors and Ro-busters (in progress)

The Complete Ro-busters file (in progress)
Ro-Busters Book One file (in progress)

Finn page (in progress)

Finn book one bagged with Meg #329 file (in progress)

2000 AD #93 file (finished)
2000 AD #94 file (finished)
2000 AD #95 file (finished)
2000 AD #96 file (finished)
2000 AD #97 file (finished)

2000 AD #770 file (in progress)

2000 AD #1806 file (finished)

French Market:

Requiem Chevalier Vampire Page (finished)


Doctor Who Audio Play Page (finished)

Doctor Who Audio Play Dead London file (finished)
Doctor Who Audio Play The Scapegoat file (finished)
Doctor Who Audio Play Song of Megaptera file (finished)

Characters and Series

(see changes in British, US, French and Other Languages sections)

Forthcoming Releases

(go to dedicated section for publisher links and illustrations)

Finn Book One (bagged with Judge Dredd Megazine  #329, issued)
La Grande Guerre de Charlie French vol 3 ça et là, issued
Requiem Chevalier Vampire French Tome 11 Nickel (November 2 2012)
Sláine Le Seigneur du Chaos L'Intégrale French Nickel reprint (November 2 2012)
Charley's War UK vol 9 Titan Books (November 9 2012)
Shako UK Rebellion (December 6 2012)
2000AD Visible Man (prog 2013, December 12 2012)
Marshal Law deluxe omnibus US DC (April 2013)
Sláine Grail War UK Rebellion (April 2013)

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