bannière greysuit

bannière greysuit

M.A.C.H. 1 (UK Market)

M.A.C.H. 1 is secret agent John Probe who has gained hyperpowers by compu-puncture (he is indeed the 1st Man Activated by Compu-puncture Hyperpower). Compu-puncture is a computerised form of acupuncture. By inserting special electro-needles into Probe's body, his energy flow has been increase, and now he has the strength of fifty men. In addition, brain surgery has been performed to print computer circuits directly into his skull, a computer that assists Probe in his decisions during mission.
M.A.C.H.1 is a typical product of its time period standing as a derivative from US TV series, 'The Six Million Dollar Man' (the character's look is also very similar to Lee Major's). But right from the start, the degree of explicit violence gives the series its very own personality (Probe is able to kill bare handed with his super-strength, and never failed to deliver). Even if Pat Mills aimed to have equally good strips, M.A.C.H. 1 were considered has one of the potential lead stories of the magazine when it was launched (he shares the cover of the first prog with Dan Dare). Indeed, at that early period, it is the strip that Pat Mills has written the most for, and more recently, he has plunged again in the world of super-powered secret agents with his 'Greysuit' series.

2000 ad #1
2000 ad #6

Some of these strips have been reprinted in Prion Books hardback anthology, but never in their own GN up to now. For newsstand reprints, check the individual prog.

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